Ghee is a delicious and versatile fat, ideal for frying and sautéing due to it’s high smoke point of 485 °F. It’s also great for baking or drizzling onto your favorite dishes. Our ghee is of the highest quality, made with organic cultured butter from small farm, grass-fed cows from the Northern California coastal region.

It's made the traditional way, in small batches by hand over an open flame. This results in a beautiful golden ghee with a slightly nutty flavor. The ghee is carefully filtered to remove all milk solids, and our cooling process provides a enjoyable texture not found in commercially made ghee.

Note: Separation is natural. This is a shelf stable product and does not require refrigeration. Use a clean, dry spoon to avoid water contamination.
Available in 8, 16 & 32 oz jars
Certified Organic lactic-cultured unsalted butter (milk, cream, lactic cultures). Suitable for most lactose and casein intolerance.